The Minecraft map has never been so bad as at IKEA

The Minecraft map, and all of its wonders and quirks, sometimes seems to bleed into the real world. Take these awesome modular Minecraft Redstone toys, for example, or even this incredible LEGO piston. It’s no surprise given the size of the sandbox game, with all its mods, skins and various Minecraft releases, but now the spread of Mojang’s beloved building game has reached somewhat new lengths. regrettable, thanks to a “version” of the game captured at Ikea.

As many of you know, IKEA is kind of like a real-world Minecraft anyway. You have to go in and search through dungeons filled with classic Minecraft mobs like skeletons and zombies, all with the goal of trying to get the right kind of blocks, then go home and try to put them together in a way that not only makes sense but also looks good.

Well, Redditor Irisihball192 posted an image of an IKEA store that looks a lot more like Minecraft than you might think. It looks a bit like Minecraft if it’s been run through Google Translate a few times, with lots of key components there, but in odd or slightly off places. We assume they cannot use official images due to copyright laws; otherwise, they would use someone else’s product to sell their own products.

It would also explain some of the others people have come across over the years, like this image showing The Pimps, Call Your Mutti: Say “Oops, I’m Sorry”, and Grand-Ma’s Auto. There’s also Kika 2020, Calling For Duty: Secret Operation, and Need For Street: Payback Time. Honestly, we’d probably try most of these games if we had the chance, because who doesn’t love a weird knockoff title?

If you’re more interested in exploring Minecraft than IKEA, check out this guide to Minecraft Ancient Towns. Just beware of the manager, who is the ultimate liberated retail worker.