There are 35 Minecraft-like games you should be playing right now

While the developer of “Minecraft”, the wildly popular crafting and exploration game, has a dubious history, the game itself has a long and illustrious history. “Minecraft” has received several updates over the years, like the “Caves & Cliffs” expansion, which has kept players engaged with new hardware, but that doesn’t mean they’ll want to keep playing it indefinitely. Players are encouraged to create their own worlds by exploring procedurally generated regions for building materials. Players have gone further and created games within games. MrBeast, one of the creators of the game, even paid $16,000 to have someone else build him an in-game house. The potential of “Minecraft” is virtually limitless.

“Stardew Valley,” like many of the games on this list, isn’t new, but it does offer a similar, yet different, experience for “Minecraft” fans. In “Stardew Valley,” players find themselves in possession of an old, overgrown farmhouse in need of some good old-fashioned TLC. By building the farm, creating meaningful relationships with the townspeople, and working on a storyline to restore the town’s community center, players have the opportunity to impress their grandfather’s ghost and, more importantly again, to make a home.

For those looking for something beyond “Minecraft,” here are 35 games that engage with the fundamentals of the title that started it all: crafting, exploring, adventure, and building. Nothing quite compares to the building block like the world of “Minecraft,” but these games certainly come close. Whether exploring as Link in “Breath of the Wild” or engaging in a more traditional build in “Rust”, these titles should delight those who enjoy creating their own stories and worlds.

“Trove” may be a lot like “Minecraft,” the MMO puts more emphasis on grappling and improving its combat than creating. While players can indeed build their own world, “Trove” also features an immersive combat system. Players can choose their combat class, tailor their character builds to their own play strengths, then delve into massive dungeons in hopes of finding treasure, rare items, and glory.

Every piece of the world is “fully destructible”, meaning if players can see it, they can break it. This mechanic makes the blocky world look even more like a kid’s toy box, which emphasizes how “Trove” emphasizes play and exploration. Players who like to smash things and plan their battle strategies will definitely identify with “Trove”.

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  • There are 35 Minecraft-like games you should be playing right now
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