This Minecraft build is a grand adventure inspired by Dark Souls

A Minecraft build can be essentially whatever you want it to be. While that’s a red flag coming from one person, it’s actually a pretty good thing considering that Minecraft is one of the most important sandbox games ever made. Minecraft inspires people to do whatever they want, whether it’s using it to run a Dungeons & Dragons game or recreating a beloved Destiny 2 raid.

That’s probably why this fan decided to build a complete Dark Souls map in Minecraft. They’re not building a replica though; DanTay19 actually uses the series as inspiration for his own build. You can take a look at the final area thanks to a post they posted on Reddit, or you can check out the full trailer on their YouTube channel.

According to the video description, they have been working on the board for over five years and everything was built by them. The video shows a lot more than the Reddit post. There’s boss fights, lots of biome variety, and some really fun enemy placements, like the ghast that serves as a kind of turret in a castle area and the magma slimes that go wild on a blood red area. .

The description of the video also mentions that it will have mechanics familiar to Souls players, which likely means there will be mods on the way to keep the combat feel close to FromSoftware games. We don’t know how much crossover there will be with the Elden Ring-inspired version of Minecraft, but we’re very excited about the prospect nonetheless. There’s no release date yet, so we’ll all have to try to be patient.

In more official Minecraft news, we’re nearing the release of Minecraft 1.19 now, which means you can have some fun in the pre-release if you want to see just how fearsome the Guardian becomes.
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