Top 3 Hardest Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock (2022)

Achievements are a crucial part of Minecraft Bedrock. They basically act as a guide for new players and explain the basics of the game to them. Rather than throwing players into a world full of danger and fear, achievements make it easier for the player to enter the game.

Although the achievements are designed to teach, they also provide the recipient with an enriching experience. This can be essential for players who are new to the blocky and dynamic world of the game.

3 Hardest Achievements In Minecraft Bedrock This Year

There are a total of 118 achievements in Bedrock Edition. Of these, 72 offer cosmetic rewards upon completion. The ones that remain are mostly the ones that are crucial to the player’s progress through the game and are useful for performing tasks like equipping a full set of iron armor or killing a fire and collecting fire rods from it.

While many aren’t designed to be skill-based, some achievements require a bit of extra work to earn. Most of these achievements do not necessarily contribute to the game’s “quest series” of defeating the Ender Dragon.

However, the tasks they challenge the player to perform usually test the player’s knowledge of the game mechanics.

A good example is the ‘Camouflage’ achievement. This achievement requires the player to kill a mob while equipping the head of the same mob type. Obtaining a mob head requires a charged vine, which further requires the use of a rare enchantment called “Channeling” on an even rarer weapon, the Trident.

This article will focus on three other achievements that are extremely difficult to obtain.

1) Cover me with debris

Netherite armor is extremely durable (Image via Minecraft)
Netherite armor is extremely durable (Image via Minecraft)

This achievement tasks the player with finding and equipping a whole set of netherite armor. Netherite, obtained from ancient debris, is one of the hardest resources to find in Minecraft. It can only be found in the Nether dimension and has a 0.004% chance of spawning in a chunk.

Netherite is used to upgrade the player’s diamond tools, weapons, and armor. Every piece of netherite gear is fire resistant and will never burn if thrown into lava. Additionally, netherite gear has 30% more durability than diamond gear.

2) The Beacon

This achievement challenges the player to build and place a Beacon, a block that can emit a beam of light into the sky.

What makes this achievement so difficult to obtain is the fact that a Nether Star is required to craft a beacon. Nether stars can only be obtained from the wither boss mob. The beacons emit level 15 light and a far visible beam. Additionally, they give a plethora of beneficial status effects to players who are near them.

3) The beginning

The Withered Boss (Image via Minecraft)
The Withered Boss (Image via Minecraft)

This achievement can serve as a prerequisite for the aforementioned “Beaconator” achievement. Players must summon and defeat the Wither boss mob to earn the achievement.

This achievement should not be confused with ‘The Beginning?’ which is earned by starting the Wither boss fight. Defeating the Wither is one of the toughest challenges in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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