Top 5 Armor Sets in Minecraft Dungeons

Armor sets in Minecraft Dungeons help protect players from enemy attacks and amp up their combat effectiveness with various bonuses.

Armor of different types, qualities and appearances have been used in different ways throughout the history of warfare. People who serve in an armed forces unit, whether for their country or a mercenary group, still today wear combat gear to protect them from physical harm.

The same is true in video games such as Minecraft Dungeons. Players equip their characters with gear to protect themselves and be more powerful in battle.

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This article lists five of the best armor sets players can use in Minecraft Dungeons.

Top 5 Unique Armor Sets in Minecraft Dungeons

#5 Frost Bite

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This armor might seem like it’s all over the place at first glance when looking at perks, but Frost Bite can be a key component to a formidable soul-based build.

Essentially, this armor can act as a building block for a ranged build that uses souls heavily. The Snowy Companion is a pretty decent helper that deserves a bit more recognition than it usually gets.

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For players who choose to take the distance route, this floating piece of snow will occasionally freeze enemies who get too close. This gives Minecraft Dungeon players a chance to move away from enemies or land a killing blow.

How well the armor visually looks depends on the eyes of the viewer, with some thinking it could have been designed a little cooler, while others like it as is.

Frost Bite armor can be obtained from Redstone Mines, Creepy Crypt, Soggy Cave, Frosted Fjord (minimum adventure difficulty) and from merchants.

#4 Wither Armor

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It should be said immediately that this armor set makes players menacing and powerful. The fantasy of wearing dark, sinister armor made from the bones of your enemies is truly nailed with Wither armor.

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The benefits of wearing the Wither armor aren’t too shabby either. Players receive a 100% boost to all gathered souls and bring a 3% lifesteal aura into the mix.

Wither Armor can be obtained from the Desert Temple, Lower Temple (daily trails), Obsidian Pinnacle, Cactus Canyon (daily trails), and vendors.

#3 Crawling Cavern

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Minecraft Dungeons players who choose to use this armor set will be able to take down enemies quickly, while being accompanied by a bat. This armor set grants the wearer a 50% increase in artifact damage and an aura of +20% weapon damage for their party.

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Players who use this armor will never be alone with their trusty bat by their side, helping them take on challenges through the levels of Minecraft Dungeons.

Cave Crawler armor can be obtained from Redstone Mines, Cacti Canyon, Lost Settlement, and from Merchants.

#2 Hero Armor

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Minecraft Dungeon players who aren’t afraid of all the evil enemies in the game, no matter how many, should get their hands on the hero armor. This armor set gives a huge boost to a player’s defensive stats and grants the wearer a passive taunt effect on mobs.

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With a Gravity Hammer and this armor set, players can truly become the ultimate tank. The armor set is also one of the coolest sets in all of Minecraft Dungeons.

Hero armor can be obtained from Cacti Canyon, Arch Haven, Lone Fortress, and merchants in Apocalypse Mode.

#1 Highland Armor

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The Highland Armor is the perfect choice for Minecraft Dungeons players looking to dominate the battlefield and deal devastating melee damage.

Players will be able to move between groups of enemies efficiently, as players gain speed after dodging rolls. This is similar to the quick-footed enchantment, which is naturally already in the armor. Players also gain 35% damage reduction and deal 30% more melee damage while wearing this armor.

It doesn’t hurt that this armor set also perfectly captures the fantasy niche of the raider or woodland warrior.

Highland Armor can be obtained from Pumpkin Pastures, Fiery Forge, Frosted Fjord, and Merchants.

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