Top 5 Minecraft Dungeons Monsters Players Want To See In Minecraft

Minecraft Dungeons is a spin-off of Minecraft, which Mojang Studios released on May 26, 2020. Many gamers are confused between Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft as they almost share the same title.

However, Minecraft Dungeons is an action-adventure role-playing video game that is very different from normal Minecraft. Players cannot mine or build it, and it can only be played from an isometric perspective.

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Minecraft Dungeons mobs players want in Minecraft

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5) Skeleton Vanguard

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The skeletons in Minecraft are the same since the game was released. A new skeleton variant inspired by the Skeleton Vanguard would be a great addition to Minecraft. The Skeleton Vanguard is hostile, but instead of shooting arrows, it attacks the player with a glaive.

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4) Wretched Specter

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Wretched Wraith is a mob of bosses found in the Great Chamber of Fortress Lone in the Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC. It is hostile and has four different attack methods: Basic Attack, Ghost Fire, Raw Projectile Attack, and Vulnerable Stun.

3) Red Stone Cube

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The Minecraft Dungeon has three redstone-themed mobs, one of which is a redstone cube. He is hostile and spawned by a redstone monstrosity during his boss battle. He looks like a block of redstone with small flecks of stone and has orange-yellow eyes.

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2) Necromancer

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The Necromancer is a powerful hostile mob and, like Skeletons, is also undead. He looks like a skeleton dressed in a purple robe and holds a staff in his hand. He uses this staff to summon zombies which may or may not be armed. Necromancers can also fire laser orbs from their staff which deal a lot of damage.

1) Redstone Monstrocity

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This is another redstone-themed mob that can be found in the Fiery Forge summoned by Arch-Illager. For those who don’t know, Arch-Illager is the leader of the Illagers Empire in Minecraft Dungeons. The redstone monstrosity attacks the player in three different ways: Slam attack, split, and strong attack.

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