Top 5 things to expect from Minecraft Live 2022

Minecraft is the most popular game in history, and with its popularity comes a massive fan base that is constantly on the lookout for news regarding the future of the game, in terms of what future updates will contain. and potential fallout. Minecraft Live is an annual livestream where Mojang showcases the future of gaming to fans and is therefore a highly anticipated event.

It should be noted, however, that everything about to be discussed is based on guesswork and community rumors, with no confirmation from Mojang. There’s hardly any official news on what players can expect from Minecraft Live 2022, so the best the community has right now is rumors and speculation.

5 cool things to expect from Minecraft Live in 2022

5) Parity Announcements

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Many of the Bedrock Edition betas that have been available to players over the past few weeks have had a decent number of parity changes, aimed at making the Bedrock and Java editions of the game much more similar to each other, allowing players to switch between the two versions of the game.

While the community has heard nothing concrete, Mojang could very well announce major changes to one or both editions of the game to bring them closer to each other, continuing this series of parity updates. .

4) Season 3 Dungeons

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With Minecraft Dungeons Season 2 coming to an end, players of this adventure-filled spin-off are waiting for at least some news regarding Dungeons Season 3. Some of the things that are expected to be announced are things like weapons, maps, enemies, tower floors, and new pets.

However, some are hoping that it won’t just be new content that will be shown, and that the community might also get a glimpse of a potential new story update for season three, assuming it’s announced. on Live 2022.

3) Showcase of legends

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Not too long ago, Mojang randomly dropped a trailer for a new Minecraft spin-off, known as Minecraft Legends. This new spin-off is a real-time strategy game where players will control a combination of the normally hostile forces of the overworld to defend against an army of invading piglins and other Nether forces.

While the concept of the game is quite intriguing, the community knows surprisingly little about the game outside of this general premise and a pre-rendered trailer. With such an important community event coming up, players are expecting major news and reveals for the game, especially as the live-action trailer hinted at “stealth peaks” while showing mobs in the Legends art style.

2) Crowd

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A new crowd vote is the only thing Mojang has outright confirmed will happen at the 2022 Minecraft Live event.

The event announcement page on Mojang’s official site has plenty of details on how crowd voting will work this time around. Crowd voting will not take place on Twitter, but in the game’s launcher, the game itself, and Microsoft’s website, with a 24-hour voting window.

However, what the community has been left utterly in the dark about is exactly what the mob vote might entail. There’s no official information on whether the mob vote will be for a new hostile mob, a passive mob, or maybe even a new boss. Players can only wait and see.

1) Update 1.20

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Perhaps the most anticipated thing to come out of Minecraft Live 2022 is the news about the next major update to the main game: 1.20.

While there’s nothing concrete about what the 1.20 update might be, the community once again has some ideas, although nothing has been confirmed by Mojang. The first of two main ideas is that Update 1.20 will come with a major overhaul of the End dimension, the last of the game’s three dimensions that hasn’t been touched since it was added.

Another idea of ​​what 1.20 might entail is a total overhaul of the overworld biomes, bringing some of the older, less featured biomes up to par with modern biomes such as badlands and mangroves, making the world far more cohesive exterior than it currently does. .

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