Top 5 Things We Know About Minecraft Legends So Far

Minecraft Legends is the latest game in the series developed by Mojang, along with Blackbird Interactive. The title seeks to redefine what players experience in the iconic sandbox title by providing a fun yet different type of experience as a real-time strategy title.

While there will surely be some building mechanics, as this is Minecraft after all, it won’t serve as a focal point for the game, which is more about leading troops into battle.

Minecraft Legends will be a whole new experience

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While many fans of the series will appreciate the building and design element of the game, the latest addition to the Minecraft franchise will feature an all-new style of RTS gameplay.

Much like how Minecraft Dungeons turned into a loot-crawling dungeon game, Minecraft Legends turns out to be a glimpse of how the world would work if it were constantly under the turmoil caused by a war. .

But what is there to know about Minecraft Legends so far, a game slated for release “Spring 2023”?

1) There is a war with the Piglins

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As evidenced by the thrilling Minecraft Legends trailer, nearby villages and peaceful communities are under attack from Piglin’s mighty army. These bloodthirsty pigs have poured in from the Nether through strategically placed portals to wreak havoc on the world.

Although their exact motivations have not been announced, one thing is certain: players will get a glimpse of what the Piglins have up their sleeves and what their motivations are for the invasion.

2) Commanding troops can lead to glorious victory

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Atypical for a Minecraft title, rather than building bases and taking the enemy head-on, players will be mounted on a horse to lead their troops into battle from the front lines.

There are even new types of monsters waiting to be discovered and brought into battle, and it goes without saying that players will need to pick the best ones for the job to ensure they can protect their villages from harm. .

3) New golems are here to save the day

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With the addition of new monster types, some of the most exciting added to the Minecraft universe are golems. Previously, players had access to building Snow Golems and Iron Golems, but in Minecraft Legends there are at least seven exciting new variations coming, including:

  • cobblestone golems
  • Plank Golems
  • wood golems
  • Mossy Golems
  • Support the golems
  • Grindstone Golems

With so many exciting new golems added, it will be interesting to see what strategies players find to use them in battle.

4) Minecraft Legends will feature cross-platform cooperative and competitive modes

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Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games of all time. With that in mind, it’s been ported to many different consoles and systems over the years.

The latest addition to the series is no different, being developed for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PCs.

Even better, players will be able to play with each other on different platforms. These modes will include fun co-op style play, as well as a competitive mode that pits them against each other to see who the ultimate legend is.

5) Forge alliances with old enemies to defeat a new one

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Another fun and exciting feature coming to Minecraft Legends will be the ability for players to team up with certain mobs they may have encountered as hostile in previous encounters. This includes entities such as the Explosive Creeper and deadly Skeleton Archers.

While it’s unclear exactly what players need to do to forge these alliances, one thing is clear: if they want to defeat the earth-ravaging villain Piglin, they’ll need to repair what few relationships they can. they want to save the Overworld. of total devastation.

Fans can look forward to playing this game in the spring of 2023

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on Minecraft Legends, they don’t have too long to wait. With the end of the year fast approaching, spring 2023 will arrive sooner than most think.

And with the arrival of the new spring season, fans can get a fresh start with this exciting take on the classic Minecraft universe that fans know and love.

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