Top 6 Rarest Achievements in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft has a gigantic world filled with an endless amount of possibilities. The most important factor that sets it apart from other games is that players are created without any tutorials or prior training.

While this might add to the “explore” and “discovery” aspects of the game, many players might need a guiding force to nudge them in the right direction. This is where achievements come in.

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The achievements of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft are the counterparts of the advancements of Minecraft Java. They guide players through the game by creating small tasks for them and celebrating the completion of each task. Achievements can be as simple as chopping wood to defeat the Ender Dragon or the Future Guardian.

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Minecraft Bedrock: 6 of the rarest achievements in the game

6) The beginning?

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Like “cover me with debris”, the initial realization is quite well known. Achievement is awarded to players who successfully summon the Wither boss. The Wither is one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft. It floats and hovers above the ground and fires skulls at players which explode on impact, proving fatal to players.

5) Super Sonic

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Super Sonic is a basic exclusive achievement that requires players to equip the elytra and fly through a 1×1 sized gap or space, with players speed not less than 40m/s.

Players may know that hitting any surface while flying with an elytra deals a moderate amount of damage. If players are moving quickly when this happens, they can be killed. This is what makes achievement so difficult and therefore rare.

4) Overpowered

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Mastered achievement seems simple on the surface. It requires players to eat an enchanted golden apple, also known as a “gods” or “notch” apple. The challenge comes when players attempt to find one of these powerful food sources.

Enchanted apples have an extremely low chance of spawning in the world. They can be found in structures such as Dungeons, Mine Shafts, Stronghold Remnants, Desert Temples, Ruined Portals, and Woodland Mansions. The chance of them spawning in these structures ranges from 1.4% to 6.5%, in addition to the fact that each chest only spawns one.

3) Moskstraumen

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The Moskstraumen achievement is another one that can be called “rare” due to the items needed to earn it. Success requires players to craft and activate a conduit. Crafting a Conduit requires two rare ingredients.

One is the Nautilus Shell (8 needed for a Conduit), which can be obtained rarely by fishing or from the Traveling Merchant (5 at a time). The other crafting ingredient is Heart of the Sea, one of which is needed to craft a Conduit. The Heart of the Sea can only be found in buried treasure chests, which can be a pain to find and require a map from the Cartographer Villager.

2) Cover me with debris

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One of Minecraft’s most high-profile achievements, Cover Me in Debris, is to equip players with a full set of netherite armor. The challenge this presents is that netherite is one of the rarest materials in the game (apart from emerald ore). Additionally, making netherite ingots involves a few different steps.

Players must first find Ancient Debris, which has a max 0.004% chance of spawning per piece in the Nether. Ancient Debris is smelted into Netherite Debris, which is then crafted into Netherite Ingots. It takes four netherite ingots to turn a full set of diamond armor into netherite armor.

1) The Beacon

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This achievement requires Minecraft players to set up a fully powered beacon. Although it does not specify which material to use for the beacon, it is still a tedious task. Building a beacon has two aspects: the first is the beacon itself, which is crafted from Obsidian, Glass, and a Nether Star. Nether Stars are rare items that are only obtained when players defeat the Abomination that is the Wither Boss.

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The second aspect is the beacon pyramid. Beacon pyramids require lots of resource blocks like iron, gold, diamond, emerald and netherite blocks. Crafting each of these blocks requires players to work for a considerable amount of time, as a resource block requires tons of metal ingots, which take time to collect. This makes the Beaconator a fairly rare achievement in Minecraft.

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