[Trailer] ‘Minecraft’ Meets ‘DOOM’ Map Pack ‘Doomed: Demons of the Nether’ Officially Available

If you are a fan of Lester Hsiit is The curse of the bridge (which is currently streaming on Netflix), get ready for a video game adaptation, courtesy of Softstar Entertainment. Launching later this year on Steam, The Curse of the Bridge: Path to Salvation is an atmospheric first-person horror title, and will have a demo available as part of Steam Next Fest next month.

For those who haven’t seen The curse of the bridge, the film concerns a journalist trying to dig into the disappearance of a group of students a few years earlier. Said group of college students were testing an urban legend about a female ghost that haunts a bridge on campus as part of their “bravery initiation test” for fellow students. As these things progress, as the reporter digs deeper, there is a horrific truth to the legend.

Focusing on stealth-based gameplay, way of salvation has you assume the role of one of those aforementioned college students exploring and escaping the Tunghu University campus before that vengeful female ghost finishes you off. In order to break your curse, you will need to collect items and solve puzzles in order to uncover the truth.

Die by Lester Hsi, The curse of the bridge stars ning chang, Cheng Ko, JC Lin, Meng of summer, Vera Yen, and Wan Ru Zhan.