What is a Decomposition Potion in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition?

Brewing potions is an age-old tradition in Minecraft, but Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and its Java-based counterpart, have two potions in particular that are exclusive to their version: like the Bedrock Decomposition Potion.

Decay Potions are player-brewed potions that can inflict the Wither status effect on their opponent. With this status effect, targets will take continuous damage until the effect is removed or expires.

Unlike Poison, Wither can kill the target. It is normally inflicted by Wither Skeletons, the Wither Boss, the Wither Rose, or a Suspicious Stew made with a Wither Rose. The only entities immune to Wither effects are Wither Skeletons, the Wither Boss, and the Ender Dragon. Witches are also 85% resistant to the effect.

Minecraft: Get a Potion of Decay

The Wither is one of the few entities immune to Wither effects, including decay potions (Image via Mojang)
The Wither is one of the few entities immune to Wither effects, including decay potions (Image via Mojang)

At this time, for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players, obtaining or creating a Decay Potion in the vanilla version of the game is not possible. Players will either need to access the potion or its variants through the creative mode inventory, console commands, or by using various third-party mods that allow potions to be created via brewing support and other methods. .

Decomposition potions can be found in the creative mode inventory under the gear category in the most recent version of Minecraft (1.17.10). Players who have cheats and command access enabled can also use the command “/give @p potion 1 36” to give the nearest player a potion of decay.

This can also be modified by changing the 1 to a different number, to increase the amount of potions received or by changing the target with designators like @s (self), @r (random player) or @a (all players).

Since the /give command syntax is what works in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, it will also work on other Bedrock-oriented platforms, including Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Education Edition. For players who can’t get mods for their specific Minecraft Bedrock rig, Commands and Creative Mode will be the only real way to access Decay Potions.

Finally, there are mods available from sites like CurseForge that allow players to craft or brew decay potions in Survival mode. Examples of these mods include the Best Survival Modwhich enhances many facets of Minecraft’s survival mode, while allowing players to brew decay potions.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider

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