What was the Nether Reactor Core in Minecraft Bedrock?

Minecraft has gone through tons of updates, and with the officially announced Wild update, the game will at least upgrade to 1.19.

Most updates bring new items, monsters, biomes, blocks, and more. However, not everything makes it to the next update. Sometimes items, blocks and more are left behind for bigger and better options.

More recently, ores (mainly iron and gold) have been replaced by raw materials. Iron ore no longer drops; raw iron does.

Many items were dropped long ago, just like the Nether Reactor Core, which is no longer in vanilla Minecraft. But what was it?

Minecraft Nether Reactor Core

It was added in Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha Update 0.5 and New Nintendo 3DS Edition Update 0.1. The Nether Reactor Core has since been removed from all versions of the game.

When in-game, however, Nether Reactor Cores could be used to create Nether Reactors, which would spawn a reactor-centric netherrack tower. This tower was known as the Nether Spire.

Nether reactors were used to obtain the netherrack, which can now be found in the nether (Image via Mojang)
Nether reactors were used to obtain the netherrack, which can now be found in the nether (Image via Mojang)

Nether Reactor Cores would drop six Iron Ingots and three Diamonds, which was the exact crafting recipe. Obviously, these were expensive to manufacture.

Due to the addition of the Nether, these items have become obsolete. Minecraft players no longer needed to spawn netherrack as they could just venture into the Nether.

Remember, Minecraft PE, when the world wasn’t infinite, there were 2 types of flowers, no hunger food would just give you health, no dogs or cats nothing, and the reactor core thing lower than you thought you could summon herobrine with?? Mentally, I’m here.

Nether Reactors were definitely a safer way to get these items, but having a new dimension is undoubtedly better than just a generator. After the introduction of the Nether, these cores and reactors had no use and were later retired.

They are not found in Creative nor can they be invoked. The only way to use them would be to access an older version of Minecraft or use a mod.

For those wondering, Cores and Reactors have been removed in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.

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