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Minecraft Dungeons has announced its first seasonal adventure, Cloudy Climb. The famous dungeon crawler makes its way into the world of seasonal games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. There will be tons of free rewards and new places for players to explore. Premium rewards will be available to Adventure Pass purchasers.

One of the new locations players will be able to explore is the tower. The Tower will be where players visit during the first of the Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures. Here’s what players need to know about it.

The Tower: Everything you need to know about the new Minecraft Dungeons location

The Tower is a brand new location in Minecraft Dungeons. Here’s what Mojang had to say about their new location:

“Prove your worth by climbing the Tower, a mysterious, replayable structure that tests your skills through multiple floors of challenging content. Are you strong enough to reach the top?”

I can’t wait for everyone to experience The Tower in Minecraft Dungeons on December 14! twitter.com/dungeonsgame/s…

The tower will be the main selling point of Minecraft Dungeons. This season will require players to overcome obstacles to scale the mysterious tower. The tower would be filled with tons of new rewards.

The Tower has been teased in a few trailers so far (Image via Mojang)
The Tower has been teased in a few trailers so far (Image via Mojang)

Surviving battles and climbing higher will continue to grant players new cosmetic items, including pets, emotes, and flairs. Each level of the tower seems to give players some tough battles which should be a challenge for most players. The new levels will more than likely be the most popular of the season.

The tower will elevate Minecraft Dungeons to new heights! twitter.com/dungeonsgame/s…

Little is known about the tower, but the following rewards would be available:

  • birdwatcher skin
  • pride skin
  • cape of the seasons
  • Ironic dance emote
  • Elegant Tricks Emote
  • Axolotl Emote
  • healing wind
  • Confetti atmosphere
  • Sunshine atmosphere
  • toucan pet
  • Spotted pig pet
  • baby squid pet

There will most likely be more than those available, but these will be part of the rewards players can get for continuing to climb the tower. Cloudy Climb is coming to all consoles on December 14.

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