When can players expect Warden to be added to Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft was supposed to release the guardian in update 1.17. Originally, Minecraft 1.17 was going to include new caves, new mountains, axolotls, copper, goats, amethyst, and a brand new boss: the Guardian. Ultimately, the Caves & Cliffs update was split into two parts with goats, axolotls, copper, amethyst and more coming in 1.17. The cave and mountain changes were planned for 1.18 with the guardian.

1.18 has come and gone and no new bosses have been added to the game. The Guardian continues to be delayed, which begs the question: when will Minecraft players see the Guardian in-game?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Is there a planned release date for the Warden?

The Guardian has officially been tabbed for Minecraft 1.19. The savage update is expected to introduce the Allay, fireflies, frogs, a new swamp biome, a new cave biome (the Deep Dark), and the guardian, who will inhabit said biome.

There are reasons to doubt whether or not the Guardian will be added in this update. After all, there have been two updates that have come and gone without the promised Guardian.

The Guardian will arrive in update 1.19 (Image via Minecraft)
The Guardian will arrive in update 1.19 (Image via Minecraft)

However, Mojang has officially stated that the Guardian will arrive in 1.19, so players will have to take their word for it for now. Unfortunately, this means that they will also have to wait a bit.

At least sneaking around will give you a chance against the terror of this new biome, the Guardian!↣ redsto.ne/livehttps://t.co/sGIjRVogqJ

Minecraft 1.19 is expected to arrive in 2022. Considering the recency of 1.18, it will probably be in the second half of 2022. Minecraft does not usually rush updates and there is no reason for them to overtake the update current in favor of the next one.

For Java gamers, it’s not so disappointing. Java Edition has easier access to add-ons and can have mods, unlike Bedrock. This means that features such as the guardian and others will be in mods, as well as upcoming official snapshots.

If I see the guardian within 30 feet of my little Minecraft avatar, I’m swallowing my computer

Bedrock Edition has access to some of these features, but it is certainly more difficult to access them than in Java Edition. In the end, Minecraft Bedrock players will just have to wait for the official release of 1.19 to attempt to battle the Warden.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider

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