When is Warden coming to Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Following the Minecraft Live event in 2020, Mojang gave a first look at the Guardian and the new Deep Dark Biome they were working on. Since then, cave and cliff updates have arrived, but they don’t feature the much-anticipated crowd and biome.

Mojang came out and explained how they are working on the Deep Dark expansion and will finally be released in 2022 with The Wild Update. Since then, Mojang has released several pieces of the feature in several beta versions of Bedrock and Java editions.

In February 2022, Java Edition got its first 1.19 snapshot, which introduced the new mob, new biome, and new structure. This makes Bedrock Edition players discouraged as they cannot experience the full extent of the Guardian.

When can the Warden potentially come out in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition betas received the new sculk blocks long before the Java Edition snapshots. These were made available shortly after Minecraft Live 2021 in October.

However, these sculk blocks can only be obtained from the creative mode inventory and are not naturally generated globally. For months players played with these blocks and figured out the mechanics, but there was no sign of the Guardian.

Mojang finally explained the new mob in the latest beta, The official Changelog article talked about how players can get familiar with sculk blocks, but be prepared for the new mob coming soon in the update.

Official statement from Mojang on the new mob coming to Bedrock Edition (Image via Sportskeeda)
Official statement from Mojang on the new mob coming to Bedrock Edition (Image via Sportskeeda)

This tells us that the game developers are still working hard to refine the mob to finally add it to the Bedrock Edition beta. Although there is still no confirmation on when the mob will be released, it won’t take long as the mob works perfectly in the Java Edition snapshot.

Dangerous inhabitant of the Deep Dark or just a misunderstood threat? You’ll have to wait for the Wild update to decide! In the meantime, RT if you’re excited – or terrified – to meet the Guardian! https://t.co/Uc6xuiFUSB

Bedrock Edition players can still enjoy other additions like Frogs, Tadpoles, Frog Fires, Allay, etc., which have yet to be added to the Java Edition. Mojang smartly pushes new additions exclusively in both editions to satisfy their massive player base.

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