When will Warden and Allay release in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Minecraft is a game that constantly receives new updates and additions. This can range from new biomes to monsters to different types of blocks.

For the latest update 1.19, the Wild update, players will discover new monsters. The Warden and the Allay are fantastic additions that offer something different for everyone. But when will they come out?

Warden and Allay will be released in 2022 in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The upcoming Wild update brings many changes and improvements to the world of Minecraft. For one, it provides two unique biomes, the Deep Dark and the Mangrove Swamp.

Additionally, it adds new monsters, such as frogs, player favorite Allay, and deadly guardian.

  • There is no official statement about the release of Minecraft update 1.19. However, players can access experimental features while waiting to see these new monsters.
  • The official release date is set for 2022. However, the date has not been determined yet.

How Users Can Access Allay and Warden Earlier

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Players can access Allay and Warden mobs right now on Bedrock Edition. They can do this by making sure the game is updated to the latest version.

Once they update the game to the latest version, they will need to create a new world. Users should scroll down and select the “Experimental Features” and “Wild Update” blocks in the global options tab to get started.

Finding Allay in Minecraft

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Once players activate The Wild Update, they can access the Allay and Warden with these experimental features. Players can head to a looter outpost or a woodland mansion to find the first one.

These mobs are located inside these structures, and players will want to give an item to Allay to start finding items for them.

  • When users give an item to Allay, it starts looking for other items of that type. For example, if they give him a piece of Cobblestone, he will start looking for Cobblestone-related items.
  • When the Allay’s inventory is full, it will come to players and drop the items on the ground.
  • Since Raider Outposts are more common than Woodland Mansions, individuals may want to try their luck by finding a Raider Outpost first.

Find a Guardian in Minecraft

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If players wish to locate the mighty guardian, they will need to go deep underground to the Deep Dark biome. Inside the Deep Dark they can encounter the various sculk blocks, including the sculk howlers which will summon the guardian when triggered.

  • Users must head very deep underground between the blocks of Y=-1 and Y=-64 to find the Deep Dark biome.
  • Caves that drop below these values ​​can help lead them into the Deep Dark.
  • Players will notice sculk blocks, a good indicator of the Deep Dark since they only spawn there.

Individuals will want to be prepared for a fight with the Guardian, as it hits extremely hard, even for those in Netherite armor.

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