Where is the luxury merchant in Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons has several different merchants: the Blacksmith Merchant, Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchant, Village Merchant, Gift Wrapper, and Piglin Merchant (Flames of the Nether DLC). These merchants work similarly to villagers in Minecraft, each selling different items for emeralds, with the exception of the merchant Piglin, who sells gold.

The Deluxe Merchant is one of the best merchants in the game as they sell unique weapons and armor, usually some of the best the game has to offer. However, the luxury merchant will not automatically be on a player’s side. Here’s how to unlock and find it.

How to Unlock and Locate the Luxury Merchant in Minecraft Dungeons

The luxury merchant will appear in the camp after being rescued from Cacti Canyon. During this level, players will find it after the last wave but before the end of level door. Players can also check their map, as the map will also show the location.

The map will show players where the merchant is (Image via Mojang)
The map will show players where the merchant is (Image via Mojang)

The luxury merchant will then be located in the camp alongside all other merchants who have been rescued in Minecraft Dungeons. Players can find them under the map area, where the training area used to be.

He will sell unique and rare items, which means his shop will cost a bit more than other merchants. To replenish his wares, players can complete any mission or pay him emeralds to do so.

The luxury merchant will be a more formal merchant, highlighted by his stall and his companion ocelot. He wears an orange shirt with white sleeves and an orange turban with a gold base.

Draped in finery and exuding opulence, the luxury merchant sells only the rarest goods. Going through this shop is guaranteed to increase your power, but empty your wallet of emeralds! https://t.co/JKWltcP879

The luxury merchant wears brown pants with a gold buckle and gold strappy sandals. This merchant will have brown eyes, unlike the other villagers. Once unlocked, it won’t be difficult to find it in the Minecraft Dungeons camp as it integrates seamlessly with other merchants.

The Deluxe Merchant was added to Minecraft Dungeons in the Creeping Winter DLC update/release.

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