Where to find the Broadsword in Minecraft Dungeons

The Broadsword is a unique and powerful version of the claymore weapon from Minecraft Dungeons. Although slow, its damage is impressive with each hit.

Requiring exceptional strength and two arms just to wield, the broadsword can be hard to come by due to its unique item quality. However, if players know where to look, the evasive weapon can be much easier to find.

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It will usually take time to find the Broadsword, as Minecraft Dungeons items are beholden to the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Either way, persistent heroes will be able to find the mighty blade with enough determination and a bit of luck.

Sources where Broadsword can be found in Minecraft Dungeons

???  is also known as the secret cow level (Image via Mojang)
??? is also known as the secret cow level (Image via Mojang)

Players can acquire the Broadsword in a variety of ways in Minecraft Dungeons. However, it should be noted that the RNG for any given source is far from guaranteed to specifically drop the broadsword.

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The Broadsword can be obtained as loot from three specific locations as well as two different monsters only found in Ancient Hunts. Players can also purchase the weapon (or a box potentially containing it) from three different vendors found at camp after unlocking them.

Here are some sources where players can find the Broadsword in Minecraft Dungeons:

Loot Drop Locations

  • Obsidian Pinnacle
  • ??? (Secret Cow level)
  • Sanctuary of Storms


  • luxury merchant
  • Piglins Merchant
  • Mystery Merchant

ancient monsters

  • First Enchanter (old variant of Enchanters)
  • Unbreakable One (Old Redstone Golem variant)

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These options give players some leeway. They can attempt to farm loot chests and loot drop location bosses (??? in particular is great for farming unique items). Players can also periodically check out merchants or attempt to find the right ancient monsters by using runes to start ancient hunts.

Since ancient hunts are tricky, it may be easier to farm the levels described at a high difficulty but where the player is comfortable without dying. Once the player has quickly run through the levels, opened the chests, and defeated the boss (ideally ignoring the standard mobs), they can check in to camp with the merchants.

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While merchants work quite differently (the Piglin Merchant needs gold from Ancient Hunts and the Mystery Merchant sells loot crates), their refreshing inventories can sometimes give the Broadsword.

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