Where to find the hive in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Hives can be bred and used to acquire honey from bees in Minecraft. Like in real life, bees in Minecraft are neutral aerial mobs but sting the player or any entity that harms. The sting of a bee inflicts the “poison” effect. Bees can be attached to a leash and guided by the player. In addition, they take damage if they touch water.

Minecraft has a plethora of different versions and spin-off games. These range from Minecraft Java and Bedrock to the abandoned Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons.

Although each game has its differences from other versions, the core of each game consists of the same mechanics and aspects, such as building and exploration mechanics or a selection of different monsters, items and blocks in the game.

The article will talk about one of these blocks, called the beehive, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Hives in Minecraft: Everything Players Need to Know About

Hives vs Honeycombs

While hives serve the same purpose as a honeycomb, the two differ in one respect. Honeycombs can be found naturally in biomes with a higher percentage of flowers.

This gives the “grassland” biome a 100% chance to spawn at least one bee nest. Each honeycomb spawns with three bees inside, which begins to generate honey. On the other hand, hives can be crafted by the player on a crafting table. The recipe calls for six wooden planks and three honeycombs.

Break and get a hive

The recipe for a beehive (Image via Minecraft)
The recipe for a beehive (Image via Minecraft)

Hives and Honeycombs can be broken using any tool or weapon, including the player’s bare hands. However, both blocks break in minimal time when using an axe.

If the honeycombs are broken with a tool that has been enchanted with the “Silk Touch” enchantment, it drops the nest block and the bees inside remain intact. It doesn’t drop anything if the tool hasn’t been enchanted with the “Silk Touch” enchantment. Additionally, all bees inside the honeycomb come out and attack the player.

On the other hand, hives can be smashed and acquired with any tool or the player’s fist. In Bedrock Edition, if a player breaks a hive with a tool enchanted with the “Silk Touch” enchantment, all bees outside that hive become hostile to the player and chase them to attack.

However, bees inside the hive remain neutral towards the player and can be bred.

Uses of Hives in Minecraft

A honey dripping honeycomb (Image via Minecraft)
A honey dripping honeycomb (Image via Minecraft)

Just like honeycombs, hives can hold up to three bees at a time. The bees spend the day collecting pollen from the flowers around them. This is converted into honey, and players can soon collect or “harvest” honey from the hive. This is indicated by the animation of honey dripping from the hive.

Bees are one of the few aerial monsters in Minecraft. In addition, they produce honey, serving as an effective food product. Therefore, using beehives to create bee farms efficiently uses player time in Minecraft.

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