Where to find the Piglin Merchant in Minecraft Dungeons

One of the many merchants players can use in their camp in Minecraft Dungeons, the Piglin Merchant takes gold heroes received from Ancient Hunts and supplies them with quality gold items.

Before using this trader’s special talents in Minecraft Dungeons, heroes will need to unlock it. Unlike some other merchants in the game, the Piglin Merchant does not require any rescues.

Players will need to obtain a gold coin from an Ancient Hunt for the Piglin Merchant to unlock. However, once unlocked, the Merchant will be available at the player’s camp indefinitely.

Minecraft Dungeons: Where to find Merchant Piglin at Camp

Merchant Piglin stays near a certain area he likes (Image via Mojang)
Merchant Piglin stays near a certain area he likes (Image via Mojang)

Once the Piglin Merchant has been unlocked in Minecraft Dungeons, players will likely want to occasionally seek it out for its gold items and spend their allocated gold.

To find this merchant, players should check the cave near their Nether portal. This Nether-themed cave will become Merchant Piglin’s home once it’s unlocked.

It makes sense for the Piglin Merchant to stay near the Nether Portal, as the piglins in the original Minecraft originate from the Nether dimension. Maybe the Piglin Merchant is homesick? Or maybe he makes trips to and from the Nether to resupply.

Regardless of its interactions in the Nether, the Piglin Merchant can be reliably found in this cave indefinitely.

Minecraft Dungeons players should be able to trade with the Piglin Merchant for gold items, but the number of available trades may increase if heroes want to upgrade the Merchant.

For the first trade slot unlock, heroes will need to complete three Ancient Hunts. For the second unlock slot, they will need to complete 15 Ancient Hunts. Not only does Ancient Hunts help players unlock additional slots for the Piglin Merchant, they also replenish inventory.

This can also be accomplished by spending gold, but players can choose to hold on to that particular resource.

Check periodically with the Piglin trader in Minecraft Dungeons, as his rotating inventory may surprise those who barter frequently with him. Much like its original Minecraft counterparts, the Piglin Merchant has more than a few goodies for heroes who are ready to part with their hard-earned gold.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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