Which spin-off is right for you?

Both Minecraft spin off, Minecraft Legends and Minecraft Dungeons, both have their own unique experience to offer, but each may suit different players. The two are very different, and especially since Minecraft Legends hasn’t been released yet, it’s hard to say if one is really better than the other. Minecraft Legends doesn’t currently have a solid release date, but publisher Xbox Game Studios currently has a 2023 window.

Despite its release 11 years ago, Minecraft is the biggest and most popular video game available today, and part of the reason is its cathartic simplicity. Players can relax, gather resources, and build anything they can imagine for hours on end in a calming landscape that they can reshape as they wish. Few games build better than Minecraftbut over the years the series has expanded to include other genres. Minecraft Dungeons is a roguelike dungeon-crawler set in the world of classic Minecraft, but with new combat mechanics and features. Recently, another spin-off called Minecraft Legends has been announced, and it promises a new adventure with its own unique style of gameplay, very different from what the series has done so far.


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There’s nothing stopping players from playing and enjoying both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends, but their different genres mean that each will appeal to some but not others. Deciding which to play or even which to play first is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Both games have their strengths and weaknesses, so gamers who enjoy certain things above all else in a video game – and especially those who return to Minecraft after not playing in years – may want to research both Dungeons and Legends and see which one suits their preferences before making their choice, and maybe watch some gameplay of each online when Minecraft Legends spell.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game set in an Overworld where the various monsters all live in harmony, from villagers to Creepers. When Nether Piglins arrive to disrupt this balance and spread corruption across the land, players must gather allies in order to fend them off and save their world. While full details of the game are unknown, it looks like it will focus heavily on combat in horde-style battles similar to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity or other similar Dynasty Warriorsstyle games. Players will control their own character with some of the Minecraftthe best tamable and hostile monsters in strategic battles against the forces of the Nether. MinecraftFamous building mechanics also seem to be making a return in one form or another, so players shouldn’t have to miss them while playing. Minecraft Legends.

However, great battles like those Minecraft Legends it looks like it will have meant a lot to do and a lot to follow. They can quickly become restless and could overwhelm players unaccustomed to this fighting style. It also looks like the building mechanics won’t be the same as the classic. Minecraft; instead of the player placing blocks, they seem to order Allays to do it for them, meaning they can only choose from pre-made structures and don’t have as much freedom. There is also the possibility that Minecraft Legends will not be an open-world game, leaving players unable to explore the rare and fun biomes of Minecraft. While it’s still possible that it’s open-world, the focus on combat and changed building mechanics mean that battles might instead be confined to a few different areas.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Echoes Void Additions And Changes

Minecraft Dungeons is a roguelike game set in the different dimensions of Minecraft. A small Illager who calls himself Arch-Illager has taken over the Overworld under the influence of the Orb of Dominance, and players must navigate various dungeons in order to end his reign of terror. The game’s roguelike elements mean that the dungeons are procedurally generated, so players can go through each level over and over again and it feels fresh almost every time. The huge variety of weapons, armor and useful items means they can play and fight however they want. Minecraft Dungeons also has cross-play and multiplayer, so players can go through its various dungeons with their friends, no matter what platform each of them is playing on.

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Sure, Minecraft Dungeons has its drawbacks, and some of them are related to its advantages. Procedural generation means that getting the right gear and weapons for a given playstyle is sometimes down to luck more than anything, and the sheer variety can make it hard to choose one. There’s not much substance to the game either; the Arch-Illager and Orb of Dominance story was good in the base game, but the DLC quickly wore it down by only using the Orb shards without introducing any new elements or antagonists of real history. Minecraft Dungeons can be fun, but it has little to offer in terms of plot or narrative. Classic Minecraft also doesn’t have an actual story or plot, but it was never meant to have one. It’s a game about resource gathering, base building, and crafting, so it doesn’t need a plot, and the fact that it doesn’t is a plus because it means that players can create whatever story they want around it. Minecraft Dungeonson the other hand, is a story-driven game, so its weak story is more of a liability than MinecraftIs there one missing.

Should you play Minecraft Legends or Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Nether Update

While not all of its gameplay aspects have been revealed yet, it looks like Minecraft Legends will appeal to players who like more complicated games and who value combat mechanics and strategic battles where they can use the strengths of their various allies to achieve victory. Hopefully Mojang will learn from his Minecraft Dungeons plot error and make the story more compelling, with many secrets to Minecraft Legends players to find without being overly complicated, so those who enjoy the plot won’t be disappointed. It seems to offer a richer gaming experience with more classic Minecraft that Dungeons a, so players who would like this may want to follow Legends closely.

Minecraft Dungeons may appeal more to gamers who are looking for a simpler experience with laid back gameplay. Those who value replayability and want to be able to easily get used to the game again after a while of not playing it can enjoy it due to its simplistic nature. Just like the original Minecraft, it can also be relaxing and calming, so it can be good for players looking for a game to unwind. Neither Minecraft Dungeons neither Minecraft Legends is good for everyone, but these two titles of MinecraftThe catalog of spin-off games has a lot to offer, so players should consider each one and choose the one that suits them best.

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