Wildfire Mob Makes Its Minecraft Dungeons Debut 5 Years After It Was First Revealed

The Wildfire Mob will debut in Minecraft Dungeons5 years after first being revealed as one of two picks in a Minecraft popular vote.

Minecraft Dungeons has done all kinds of cool things over the years. He released a season pass and he even gets an arcade machine. The upcoming Luminous Night seasonal adventure, however, is doing the weirdest thing yet – it’s going to give a long-dead mob a second chance.

Why the Wildfire Mob comes to Minecraft Dungeons

The Wildfire Mob has a long and storied history within Minecraftand now it will finally come to Minecraft Dungeons. Strangely, it’s not even the first time the developers have tried to integrate it into the game.

Let’s go back to 2017. Mojang took the decision to organize a Minecraft popular vote. A total of four monsters – dubbed Mob A, Mob B, Mob C, and Mob D – were shown as concept art. Participants were allowed to choose which mob would be next to enter the game. The ultimate winner was Mob B, a mob that would eventually evolve into the Phantom in Minecraft.

There were, however, still three remaining concepts. As today’s announcement explains, Mojang originally wanted to bring Mob D – now named “Wildfire” – into the Burning Netherr DLC. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get it ready in time for the DLC launch.

“What’s cool about the Wildfire, which sets it apart from other mobs, is its unique gameplay mechanic. It has four shields that need to be destroyed before you can do any damage to it. Now if you’re really strong and that you can destroy a shield in one shot is fine, but you have to destroy all the shields before you can directly attack his health he also does sneaky things like retreating whenever he takes too much damage and seek fire to regenerate his health. Recovers too much health, he will craft new shields to protect himself. That’s a tough mob indeed!” – Tom Pedalino, Minecraft Dungeons game designer

Now, Minecraft Dungeons launches the Luminous Night seasonal adventure next week. This will mix up the tower with new challenges and also serve as an introduction to the Wildfire crowd, five years after its initial reveal in the first Minecraft popular vote.

You’ll be able to battle the Wildfire for the very first time when the Luminous Night Seasonal Adventure launches on April 20, 2022. You can battle this super tough new mob by purchasing Minecraft Dungeons for PC and consoles for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.