YouTuber creates Minecraft 3D in Minecraft with Redstone, without command blocks and mods

“Minecraft”, Mojang’s popular sandbox game, is home to a plethora of innovative projects. Enter a few keywords in YouTube and you can access hundreds of fascinating parts of “Minecraft”. The developers of “Minecraft” have made some of the weirdest and grandest buildings in the game, and some even revel in realistic constructions.

Creating 8-bit computers and games inside the game is also no longer impossible in “Minecraft”, as developers who use Redstone, a “Minecraft” concept that allows the construction of rudimentary devices, are now almost unstoppable with their advanced projects.

In 2021, after a seven-month process, a “Minecraft” gamer developed a virtual computer that runs programs inside the video game tile. Over the course of several months, a “Minecraft” player known as “Sammyuri” created a virtual CPU inside the game, which he eventually named the Cungus 2 or the Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit .

Minecraft Redstone Engineers

Redstone is one of the things that makes “Minecraft” an interesting gaming platform. According to the game’s help center, Redstone is one of the most complex components in Minecraft. It can be obtained via mining a block of Redstone Ore or by looting mobs and dungeons. Redstone can be found in various biomes in the lower levels of earth. Redstone ore is more likely to be found in caves in cube-shaped veins.

According to, players can do a lot with redstone circuits, like opening doors, moving blocks with pistons, igniting explosives, and playing music.

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“Minecraft” players use Redstone as conductive wiring to carry pulses from Redstone power sources or switches to traps, lighting, and other in-game machinery. Redstone makers have advanced to the point where they can use these basic “Minecraft” concepts to build complex circuits and gaming computers that can be programmed to perform a variety of interesting purposes.

Make Minecraft in Minecraft

The same Minecraft creator who gave us the remarkable “Minecraft” computer in 2021 is back with an even more extraordinary feat. On Wednesday, September 7, “Minecraft” Redstone Engineer “Sammyuri” posted a video demonstrating the process of creating a fully playable version of Minecraft inside of Minecraft using only Redstone mechanics.

In a 3-minute video, the creator of Minecraft showed us the complex 7-month process of building thousands of redstone circuits to build an 8 KB program memory card, 256 GB of additional RAM, rows of memory units, and more. hardware acceleration, 6 KB graphics memory, and many more complicated computer components built inside vanilla Minecraft without the help of command blocks, data packs, and also without a single mod. The game creator even added a PS4-style controller for the game.

Sammyuri and his team of Minecraft engineers have managed to create a version of “Minecraft” that can support a fully 3D rendered 8x8x8 world with 16 different types of blocks, 32 different objects and many game mechanics such as mining, crafting, smelting, building, chests, random ticks, and more. Each item slot can even carry up to ten items. Sammyuri also posted a separate video explaining the building process of the Minecraft project.

If you’re interested in seeing the build yourself, you can download said Minecraft world here, but the creator has pointed out that it will only be available for a limited time.

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